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(Urdu - 03-05-1963)
Director: Mustafeez
Music: Robin Ghosh
Actors: Shabnam, Rehman, Akbar, Rani Sarkar, Subhash Datta, Jalil Afghani


(Urdu - 08-09-1967)
Director: Rehman
Music: Basheer Ahmad
Actors: Shabnam, Rehman, Mustafa, Garaz Baboo, Reshma

Kabhi Alwida na kehna

(Urdu - 18-09-1983)
Director: Nazar Shabab
Music: Amjad Bobby
Actors: Shabnam, Javed Sheikh, Sabeeta, Nanha, Master Shebaz

Teray Ghar kay Samnay

(Urdu - 14-12-1984)
Director: Zafar Shabab
Music: M. Ashraf
Actors: Shabnam, Javed Sheikh, Poonam, Behroz Sabzwari, Rangeela, Lehri

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Pakistani Artists updates

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Bashir AhmedBasheer Ahmad

He was the most popular playback singer from the Dhaka based Urdu films..

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She is heroine in film Lafanga..

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Jan Mohammad JummanJan Mohammad Jumman

He was a famous film director..

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