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Denmark flag
The official name:

The Kingdom of Denmark


43.098,29 km2
(excl. Greenland & Faroe Islands)

Sjælland (Zealand), Jylland (Jutland), Fyn, Bornholm, Lolland, Falster, Langland and many other islands. (Greenland and Faroe Islands are also a part of The Kingdom).


5.580.516 (2012 - growth 0,3%)
(excl. Greenland & Faroe Islands)


Copenhagen (other main cities Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Esbjerg...)


Northern Europe, bordering:
North: Skagerrak Sea & Norway
South: Germany (Land Boundary 68 km), Baltic Sea (Østersøen)
West: North Sea, Britian
East: Kattegat Sea, Øresund, Sweden
Coastline: 7,314 km


Temperate; humid and overcast; mild, windy winters and cool summers

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Offentlig Danmnark Kbenhavns Kommune Alo om Kbenhavn Copenhagen Airport Krak Rejseplanen Danmarks Meteorologiske Institute De gule sider Danmarks Statistik
Pakistan Embassy in Denmark

Vis stort kort
Valeursvej 17, 2900 Hellerup
Tell:39 62 11 88 (ma-fr 9-17,
konsulatsafd. ma-ti & to-fr 10-12, on 15-17)
Fax:39 40 10 70