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Wednesday, 22nd February 2017, Week: 08
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Latest updated TV Channels

Total 155 TV Channels titles (alphabetically list)
1.24 Channel, LahoreLive
2.8xMusic, KarachiLive
3.92 News, Lahore
4.A plus, LahoreLive
5.AAJ Entertainment, Karachi
6.AAJ News, KarachiLive
7.AbbTakk, KarachiLive
8.Ahlebait, London, UKLive
9.Aitmad, LahoreLive
10.AJK, Muzaffarabad
11.AKS, Karachi
12.Aman, Lahore
13.APlus, LahoreLive
14.APNA Channel, LahoreLive
15.Aruj, Lahore
16.ARY Digital, KarachiLive
17.ARY Music, KarachiLive
18.ARY News, KarachiLive
19.ARY QTV, KarachiLive
20.ARY Zindagi, KarachiLive
21.ARY Zouq, Karachi
22.Atv, KarachiLive
23.AVT Khyber, PeshawarLive
24.Awaz, KarachiLive
25.Awaz Today, Lahore
26.B24, Lahore
27.BBC News, LahoreLive
28.Business Plus, Lahore
29.Capital, LahoreLive
30.Champion, Lahore
31.CHANNEL 5, LahoreLive
32.Cinema 1, Lahore
33.City 41, Lahore
34.City 42, LahoreLive
35.Dawn News, KarachiLive
36.Dharti, Karachi
37.Dil, Lahore
38.Din News, LahoreLive
39.DM Global, Manchester, UKLive
40.Dunya News, LahoreLive
41.Entertainment, Lahore
42.Express Entertainment, Karachi
43.Express Music, Karachi
44.Express News, LahoreLive
45.Falak, LahoreLive
46.Film World, Lahore
47.Filmazia, Lahore
48.Geo Entertainment, KarachiLive
49.Geo Kahani, KarachiLive
50.Geo News, KarachiLive
51.Geo Super, Karachi
52.Geo Tez, Karachi
53.GR 8, Lahore
54.Hadi, LahoreLive
55.Health Channel, KarachiLive
56.Herald Entertainment, Karachi
57.Hidayat, London, UKLive
58.Hope, Lahore
59.Hum, KarachiLive
60.Hum News, Karachi
61.Hum Sitary, Karachi
62.Indus Music, Karachi
63.Indus Vision, Karachi
64.Insaf, IslamabadLive
65.Iqra, London, UKLive
66.Islam, London, UKLive
67.Jaag, KarachiLive
68.Jalwa, KarachiLive
69.jan, Lahore
70.Jesus Christ TV Pakistan, KarachiLive
71.Jinnah, Karachi
72.Joo Music, KarachiLive
73.K-2, Islamabad
74.K-21, Karachi
75.Kashish, KarachiLive
76.Kay 2, KarachiLive
77.Khyber News, IslamabadLive
78.Koh-e-Noor, Lahore
79.KTN, KarachiLive
80.KTN News, Karachi
81.Lights Asia, Lahore
82.Lite, LahoreLive
83.Madni Channel, KarachiLive
84.Masala, KarachiLive
85.Mashriq, Islamabad
86.Mehran, Hyderabad
87.Metro One, Karachi
88.Minhaj, LahoreLive
89.Mirror, Lahore
90.MQM, London, UKLive
91.MTA, London, UKLive
92.N-Vibe, Karachi
93.Neo, LahoreLive
94.News ONE, KarachiLive
95.Noor, London, UK
96.NTM, Islamabad
97.ONtv, LahoreLive
98.Oxygene, Islamabad
99.Paigham, LahoreLive
100.Pashto 1, PeshawarLive
101.Play Entertainment, KarachiLive
102.Play Max, Karachi
103.Prime, London, UK
104.Ptv Bolan, Islamabad
105.Ptv Global, Islamabad
106.Ptv Home, IslamabadLive
107.Ptv National, Islamabad
108.Ptv News, IslamabadLive
109.Ptv Sports, IslamabadLive
110.Ptv World, IslamabadLive
111.Punjab, Lahore
112.Pushto One, Islamabad
113.Ravi, Lahore
114.Rohi, Islamabad
115.Royal, LahoreLive
116.Roze, IslamabadLive
117.Rythem, Lahore
118.Sabaoon, Peshawar
119.Sabz Baat, Hub
120.Samaa, KarachiLive
121.Sargam, Lahore
122.SBN, Lahore
123.See, KarachiLive
124.Silver Screen, LahoreLive
125.Sindh, KarachiLive
126.Sindh Movies, KarachiLive
127.Sindh News, KarachiLive
128.Smile, Karachi
129.Sohni Dharti, Islamabad
130.Star Asia, Lahore
131.Star Max, Karachi
132.Starlite, Karachi
133.Such, IslamabadLive
134.Takbeer, London, UKLive
135.Tehzeeb, KarachiLive
136.The Life, KarachiLive
137.TIMES TMN, Lahore
138.TV ONE, KarachiLive
139.TV99, London, UK
140.Umma Channel, London, UK
141.Value, Lahore
142.Venus, London, UKLive
143.Vibe, Karachi
144.VSH News, KarachiLive
145.VU 1, Lahore
146.VU 2, Lahore
147.VU 3, Lahore
148.VU 4, Lahore
149.WAQT, LahoreLive
150.Waseb, Karachi
151.World TV News, LahoreLive
152.ZAIQA, Lahore
153.ZAM Television, Karachi
154.Zindagi, LahoreLive
155.Zindagi News, LahoreLive
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